ATV-Day 2015

On the 4-5th of July the 10th ATV-Day welcomed thousands extreme sport lovers in the St.Petersburg region. The given festival from the RedsLeds magazine contained 4 fascinating races (trial, country, trophy and drag race), exhibition of machines and accessories, atv test-drives, outdoor BBQ, various entertainment elements and, certainly, traditional friendly atmosphere. GSB Moto Russia became an official partner of ATV-Day, having established its own trading stand with Italian GSB helmets at the specialized exhibition. Numerous festival visitors payed attention to the GSB production: some of them even purchased the most interesting models of our helmets!

The absolute competition winner (The main ATV-racer) Vadim Bychkov received the cross GSB helmet XP-14 B as a special prize. Moreover, GSB Moto Russia sponsored one successful sportsman, the winner of ATV-Day 2013, Ivan Malikov, who participated in the given competition in the extra light cross helmet GSB XP-15 (made from carbon and kevlar composition). According to the sponsorship contract, concluded with I.Malikov, the racer is sure to continue his performance in our helmet at all forthcoming competitions during the year!

GSB Moto Russia team thanks its partner – the RedsLeds magazine – for excellent festival!

GSB Moto Russia on the 10th Day kvadrotsiklisty in Leningrad region