Win with GSB!

16-17 of September, in Roshino countryside, Samara region, were taken place regional competitions dedicated to the memory of Russian soldiers which were died in international conflicts.

GSB company is permanent sponsor of that competition, understands the importance of developing motosport in Russia, supports young sportsmen, which can participate in the international competitions.

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Incredible adventures with Italian in Russia!

You can feel it as a guest or citizen in Northern Palmira if you would like to have moto walking or moto excursion with «Moto Neva» company. If you would like to have a trip on streets of one of the most beautiful cities in Russia, don’t forget about your safety. Comfort and safety of clients stay in the first place for «Moto Neva», that is why they have bought Italian helmets, which are fit very well in the atmosphere of charming Northern Europe city.

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Beauty part of mankind chooses GSB!

02.06.2017 - 03.06.2017 in Volgograd region were competition «Great steppe –Don 2017», in it taken part professional rider Maria Oparina – member of our big sport family GSB. On «steel horse» she overcame a lot of difficult track kilometers with different landscape surprises. By the way, the whole completion distance was near 750 km.

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Ready! Steady! GSB!

Like an every wealth family can’t exist without children, big sport GSB family can’t exist without our racers. The third of June, under pelting rain, GSB racer Dmitry Kruchnov was on second race stage of RSBK in Kazan. If you have no idea yet what does it mean, RSBK is Russian Superbike Championship, international ring races. They take place under Official Russian Motorbike Federation support and under aegis of FIM and FIM Europe.

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GSB GROUP and ATV-club «Gorky» together in «Off-Road-Adventure»

13th of November 2016 ATV-CLUB “GORKY” with GSB GROUP organized off-road trip to the North of Nizhny Novgorod region. There were 25 participants of that adventure. One of the pilots was Konstantin Blinov - The CEO of GSB GROUP in Russia.

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Official motoseason closure in Kazan, Russia

The 8th of October in Kazan there was an official Motoseason Closure. It was an interesting event with a lot of members and fans. Grigory Markov and his team “Big Kazan Extreme” has demonstrated incredible stunt riding show. Our racers use GSB helmets for qualitative protection.

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Extraordinary competiton in Vladimir city

Race on beds! Competition “Go to Bed!” raised attention of citizens of Vladimir City and guests from neighboring areas. The Grand Prize was 100 000 rubles. To win that prize, participants competed in speed and creativity. There were 33 teams from different regions.

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GSB wins!

The last stage of RSBK Series took place at NRing (N.Novgorod) in 30th of July. All of participants and winners had a lot of fun and unforgettable memories. GSB GROUP has a lot of interest in RSBK Series due to the fact, that two racers represent our helmets and use them during the season: Andrei Chernov (CHPMotorsport) and Vladislav Stenka (S-Team).

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Official opening ceremony of Can-am Trophy 2016.

"BKE TEAM" (Kazan) is one of the participants of the official opening ceremony of "Can-am Trophy 2016". Under the ideological leadership of Gregory Markov, professional riders made a real stunt show with different motor vehicles in the central square of the city of Almietevsk, Russia.

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The results of 1st stage of Can-Am Trophy Russia 2016.

From 15th to 18th of July in Almietevsk, Russia there was a first stage of The Russian Rally-Raid "Can-Am Trophy 2016". This event was attended by more than 100 rally-racers. “Can-Am Trophy”- is the Rally-Raid Series in Russia. A new stage in popularization of ATV-sport in our country. The seven years of successful work made "Can-Am Trophy" one of the biggest ATV-competitions in the country. First stage of the "Can-Am Trophy 2016" was held in three classes: ATV, SSV Sport (turbo ATVs), SSV Standard (ATVs with a minimum of modifications).

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RSBK-Repsol Championship 2016: Andrey Chernov - twice winner!

Spectacular battle in races in the Superbike and Supersport classes, unfolded at the first stage of RSBK-Repsol season on Saturday, 21 May 2016, became the global and emotional sporting event of this spring. At the first stage of the highway-ring motorcycle racing, professional bikers demonstrated their need for speed and inexhaustible will to the win. Pilots astonished their fans by the highest level of training: the powerful sport equipment and professional motorcycle apparel overjoyed the fascinated viewers.

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GSR MOTO RUSSIA and the official team Suzuki Motorbike - a joint way to a victory!

Professional racing team S-Team Suzuki, the winners of highway-ring motorcycle races at various levels, ranging from the Championship and the Cup of Russia and finishing with racing series in the framework of the World Championship WSBK - has provided for their team a higher level of safety and comfort, together with the brand GSB helmets.

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The Italian helmets GSB have became the centre of attention on the exhibition Moto Park 2016.

The team GSB Group again has taken the participation on international exhibition Moto Park 2016, which was held from 11 to 13 of March 2016 in the exhibition complex «Crocus Expo» in Moscow. The international exhibition «Moto Park» - is the traditionally priority project in the motorbike sphere in Russia. Multifunction trading venue gathered the different exhibitors of the moto- and velo- sphere.

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PITBIKE RUSSIA is an official partner of GSB!

Multiple Champion and medalist of Russian Pitbike Championships and various international competitions, one of the best BMX-raiders of Russia – Pavel Voytov entered into GSB MOTO RUSSIA TEAM!

December 12th, the annual PITBIKE AWARDS 2015, supported by GSB, taken place in “1000 miles” night club in Moscow, Russia. The best athletes of Russian Pitbike Championships was awarded different prizes from title sponsors.

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GSB GROUP is back from Milan, where we took part in EICMA 2015- the biggest event in moto world.

From 17 to 22 November there was the 73rd Annual International Moto Show EICMA in Milan. The biggest European Moto Show took place in 6 pavilions, which included 1500 participants from 44 countries! As a tradition, the famous international manufacturers demonstrated their novelties. Last year, EICMA has celebrated the 100th anniversary of the first show, which debuted in 1914.

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Ivan Malikov - the driver of GSB MOTO RUSSIA TEAM won the CAN-AM TROPHY 2015!

Congratulations for Ivan Malikov, who won third stage of CAN-AM TROPHY 2015 in Astrakhan!

Just over 200 kilometers they passed for 3 hours 48 minutes 22 seconds. In SSV-Sport class, their Polaris ZR XP 1000 finished first with no chances to competitors. Best wishes for our racing crew: Ivan Malikov and Yevgeny Pavlov!

GSB helmets - the choice of champions!

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Winter and summer with GSB helmets!

We would like to remind you that the sales of GSB helmets started in April, but there are a lot of fans of our product. GSB MOTO RUSSIA has a good news for our clients!

You can use GSB helmets not only at the summer season. Today you can drive in winter season too! You should complete your GSB helmet with winter accessories. Double helmet visor and mask for your integral-helmet G-335 by GSB. Electric heated visor with mask or double helmet visor with mask for your modular helmet G-339 by GSB.

For motocross helmets XP-15 and XP-14 by GSB there are special masks for winter conditions. Let’s get down to winter with GSB helmets!

26th September Kazan Arena.

GSB MOTO TEAM: Grigory Markov, Alexander Bardin, Damir Khalilov will participate in Dimitriy Nagiev’s AutoFights.

We are glad to see you on the extremely interesting show! GSB helmets defend heads of our bikers as always!

You can find more information about the event at автобои.рф

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Stuntriding on the 2nd Can-Am Trophy round

On the 19th of July the second round of the largest All-Russian ATV-competitions Can-Am Trophy was finished. Kazan stuntriders team Big Kazan Extreme added an additional adrenaline portion to this fascinating ATV-tournament, having demonstrated extreme exhibition performance for all guests and competition participants!

GSB Moto Russia presented the technical partner of three Kazan stuntriders (Grigory Markov, Alexander Bardin, Damir Khalilov), having provided these guys with GSB integral helmets (model G-335). According to the sponsorship contract concluded with the Big Kazan Extreme team, talented stuntriders will continue their performance in GSB helmets during the whole year.

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ATV-Day 2015

On the 4-5th of July the 10th ATV-Day welcomed thousands extreme sport lovers in the St.Petersburg region. The given festival from the RedsLeds magazine contained 4 fascinating races (trial, country, trophy and drag race), exhibition of machines and accessories, atv test-drives, outdoor BBQ, various entertainment elements and, certainly, traditional friendly atmosphere. GSB Moto Russia became an official partner of ATV-Day, having established its own trading stand with Italian GSB helmets at the specialized exhibition. Numerous festival visitors payed attention to the GSB production: some of them even purchased the most interesting models of our helmets!

The absolute competition winner (The main ATV-racer) Vadim Bychkov received the cross GSB helmet XP-14 B as a special prize. Moreover, GSB Moto Russia sponsored one successful sportsman, the winner of ATV-Day 2013, Ivan Malikov, who participated in the given competition in the extra light cross helmet GSB XP-15 (made from carbon and kevlar composition). According to the sponsorship contract, concluded with I.Malikov, the racer is sure to continue his performance in our helmet at all forthcoming competitions during the year!

GSB Moto Russia team thanks its partner – the RedsLeds magazine – for excellent festival!

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The 3rd RSBK round

We are glad to congratulate Andrey Chernov (the pilot of the CHPmotorsport team, with whom we concluded the annual sponsorship contract one month ago) with the brilliant result on the 3rd round of Russian Superbike Championship, which took place on the NRing track on the 5th of July.

In the tough competition Andrey managed to win 2 gold medals in Superbike rides! These victories turned out to be quite hard for our racer: technical problems at the training, unpleasant fall during the qualification ride, rain during the second Superbike race…

Fortunately, Andrey managed to cope with all difficulties and to become a winner! We wish our racer outstanding results on the 4th RSBK round, which will be arranged on the Moscow Raceway track in Moscow region.

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Motocross «GSB: Be friend to your head!»

Our socially responsible motocross «GSB: Be friend to Your head!», devoted to secure motor-cycle kit and road injury rate minimization, has been finished several weeks ago.

5 cities, almost 2000 km, scores of decent bikers sustaining the idea of secure motor-cycle riding, unique friendly atmosphere…

It was an unforgettable journey, full of bright emotions, positive and excellent mood! We are pleased to express our gratitude to motoclubs representatives in all cities for their hospitality!

Special gratitude to all motor-fans who visited the meetings with GSB Moto Russia in Cheboksari, Kazan, Tolyatti, Samara and Penza! GSB team suggests looking video- and photo reports about our activity! It was really cute!

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Zosima Shashkov Cup 2015 (Russian aquabike competitions)

On the 27th of June the All-Russian sea scooter competition took place in Velikiy Ustug (Zosima Shashkov Cup).

Providers managed to create warm and friendly atmosphere due to traditional hospitality, impressing sea scooter freestyle performance, numerous contests and open-air disco.

GSB Moto Russia team was represented by Konstantin Blinov (the CEO of the company), who participated in the competition, having used the GSB helmet XP-15 and the sea scooter Sea-Doo XP Limited.

Lovely north town turned out to be lucky for us: Konstantin managed to win the 2nd place in «Runabout Stock».

We congratulate our prizewinner and wish him further sport achievements!

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N.Novgorod region motocross championship 2015

GSB Moto Russia supported Artem Popov – young and perspective racer (multiple champion of N.Novgorod region in motocross racing in MX 1 and 125 cm3) at the 4th round of the N.Novgorod region motocross championship 2015.

Our biker participated in the given competition having used the GSB cross helmet XP-15 manufactured from Fibreglass ACF (Advanced Composite Fibre).

According to the sponsorship agreement, concluded with Artem Popov, the racer is sure to continue his performance in our helmet at all motocross racings during the year!

Moreover, GSB Moto Russia team rewarded Alexander Zapylikhin - the winner in MX C – with the GSB cross helmet XP-14 B as with the special prize!

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RSBK-2015, Nizhny Novgorod: Conclusions

On the 7th June the 2nd round of Russian Superbike Championship took place on the NRing track. Record number of racers, huge quantity of various rides, fascinating battle for medal places, sunny weather and excellent mood!

Certainly, GSB Moto Russia payed special attention to such a significant sport event! On the 2nd RSBK round we sponsored Andrey Chernov (motor-cycle Yamaha R1) - the biker of the CHPmotorsport team, the medallist of numerous RSBK rounds, who took on this Saturday the 3rd place both in the 1st Superbike ride and in the GRT-Masters race.

Moreover, GSB Moto Russia concluded the sponsorship contract with the given racer, according to that our company will support A.Chernov at all forthcoming competitions during the year.

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Special offer

Do not waste Your time! Excellent spring news for the partners of GSB Moto Russia!

Since 14.05.2015 we have launched a hot special offer for our dealers*!

Currently when ordering cross helmet models (models XP-14 and XP-15) You will receive cross goggles for each cross helmet as a gift! Try to be quick, our special offer is valid only till 31.05.2015!

*- the given special offer is actual only for the companies which have signed the dealership contract with GSB Moto Russia till 14.05.2015

Good news

We are glad to inform you that informative articles about Italian helmets GSB continue to appear even more often on the popular web-sites devoted to motor cycles!

In April the GSB cross helmet model (XP-15) review, providing the information about the main advantages of this model, was published on the web-site (

Moreover, MOTOEXPERT.RU payed attention to GSB Moto Russia as well: this Internet-portal placed some information on its site about GSB modular helmets (

Finally, several bikers have already tested our products and compared them with the helmets of the LS2 trademark which is sure to be extremely widespread in Russia. You can read the article telling about the absolute victory of GSB helmets over LS2 helmets on the BIKELIFE web-site: (

Original GSB helmets

To buy the original GSB helmet means to invest money in a high-quality, reliable and durable product. Unfortunately, currently there are plenty of online-shops applications (,, etc), offering You to purchase GSB helmets by retail at extremely low prices and providing delivery from China.

We would like to inform You that such offers differs completely from the products supplied by GSB Moto Russia. The helmets from Chinese online-shops are sure to present a low cost product, manufactured for the domestic market of China.

Such helmets do not possess the European security certificate ECE, as well as high quality materials and creative design; it is just a cheap copy of original GSB helmets, which are being produced and tested in accordance with Italian technologies.

GSB Moto Russia does not bear any responsibility for the quality of such cheap helmets, therefore, we strongly recommend You to purchase only original and secure GSB products by our dealers!

Stay in focus

Promotion of the Italian helmet brand GSB on the Russian motor-cycle outfit market is certain to be the main objective of GSB Moto Russia. We are absolutely sure about the quality of our helmets and therefore we would like to give every biker the opportunity to access the advantages of our products and to believe that GSB helmets present an ideal solution for those appreciating security but not willing to waste a lot of money.

Just read about us on the most authoritative web-site for bikers:

Let us have a little bit time and we get every solid biker familiar with GSB helmets!

GSB technologies

To purchase a GSB helmet means to purchase a crash helmet by a solid and reliable producer, possessing huge manufacturing capacities and implementing modern machinery.

Our technologies are absolutely transparent: we are ready to demonstrate, how GSB products are being manufactured at the GSB GROUP factory, in order to destroy any doubts in the quality and security of our helmets for motor-cycles, snowmobiles and quad bikes.

Accreditation of the quality management system in accordance with the standard ISO9001:2008 is sure to guarantee the highest level of reliability which we are proud of! We are pleased to offer You our presentation video about the GSB GROUP factory in order to convince You to trust us.

Stay in focus

In spite of the fact that crash helmets GSB are presented on the Russian market during a short period of time, we are glad to inform You that our products have already caused a great interest among various moto-world representatives.

«S» - the popular web-site devoted to vehicles – published an article written by a visiter of the MOTO PARK 2015 exhibition and telling about his discovery of a new crash helmet brand. This experienced biker appreciated GSB products, having compared our exhibition models with the helmets of the popular Italian brand AGV.

Moreover, the overview , providing information about a bright novelty of motor-cycle outfit, which had recently entered the Russian market, has been published on the web-site «Everything about motor-cycles». In order to read all articles concerning GSB helmets, please click the links below:

Motopark 2015

GSB helmets were presented for the first time at the exhibition "MOTOPARK 2015", which was held from 20 to 22 February in Moscow. Visitors to the exhibition appreciated prices, quality, improved sound insulation, and most importantly safety of GSB helmets.

GSB Moto representation in Russia presented seven models of GSB helmets (modular, integrals and cross helmets) at the exhibition in Crocus Expo. Russian motorcyclists and equipment sellers were interested in GSB GROUP products. So we invite dealers to cooperation!

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Huang Shi Zhao

GSB company has already been supporting professional sport and developing helmets, which meet the highest motorbike racer’s demands for 20 years.

Huang Shi Zhao (Yamaha) is our team’s pilot. He is an international level sportsmen and all-round champion in Nationwide Series CSBK SUPERBIKE.

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GSB helmets

GSB company regularly tests its products. Permanent implementation of new safety technologies is working principles, which allow us ensure the highest toughness and protection for motorbike racer’s.

We carry out both dynamic and static tests of compression and torsion. All tests carry out in different temperature and climate conditions. Deformation and element’s displacement as well as redirection of the blast wave to other helmet’s part are very important for absorption of impact energy. All produced helmets have to meet strict safety standards. We also try to be independent tests leaders.

Your safety is our priority.
Mario Starezzi.